Parking Emotions


I sometimes think of the body as a parking station 

  • Emotions get parked for anything which is too difficult to handle
  • This can be anywhere in the body and can go on for quite a while
  • Sometimes BIG emotions are like big trucks trying to enter the parking station. They simply cannot fit and need to be attended to immediately
  • Other cars stay in the parking station for years, quite happily parked

But every now again, we need to get these cars moving.  If they don’t, the fact that they have sat for so long means their battery is flat, and they aren’t going anywhere without some TLC.

You may also want to make the parking station (your body) into a better space, so the cars can come in and out, and provide a variety of new experiences.

Some people’s parking station is like a VAULT, it is guarded and armed, and we have a fear of what cars we have parked inside. 

  • When we open the garage up, yes it can be messy.  But sometimes we may in fact notice the car was never in such a bad shape after all.
  • While the garage door has been shut, we have hopefully learnt some of the basics of being a mechanic and now have the ability to fix the cars and send them on their way.
  • Some cars in this garage aren’t yours either, you offered to store them for a while, but now you are stuck with them.   Maybe it is time to return these to the rightful owners.
  • You may have lent out a couple of Lamborghinis and they were never returned.   Maybe it is time to activate the GPS and have these returned to you.

You may or may not be aware that you are parking cars (emotions), but almost everyone does.  It could be that:

  • They were too difficult to deal with at the time
  • You thought you dealt with them
  • You aren’t aware that you have been doing that

Take the time to reflect on some big feeling moments in your life which you may have parked in your garage.  Is it time to deal with these now?  Are you better equipped to deal with them now, than you were back then?  

Talking about your feelings is the first step, it can be to a family member or friend, a professional or even writing about it in your personal journal.  It is also important to clear the ‘cars’ out physically. This can be through yoga, dancing, stretching and emotional release massage. 

Through Psychosomatics and Face Reading, we can help identify the ‘parked cars’ in your body, and assist you to release them from your mind through Psychosomatic Therapy and your body through Emotional Release Trigger Point Massage.  

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About Linda Thackray

Linda Thackray is a renowned Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy expert. She has been an active registered Teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy College since 2012. With over a decade of specialised experience in this field, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. Her background in crisis counselling, combined with her deep understanding of face and body interpretation, and human behaviour, has made her a pivotal educator and mentor in her field. Internationally recognised, she extends her knowledge through consultations, teaching, and mentoring both in Australia and globally, continually advancing the practice of psychosomatic therapy.