It’s no secret that our body holds onto emotions. This is why some have recurring pain that is non-injury related. Listening to the body and learning to change thought and emotional patterns help create that all important mind body connection. Pain is experienced and felt through our body’s physical senses, which is why the release that occurs in an Emotional Release Trigger Point Massage is such an important key for a person’s connection to the pain and its release from the body.

Linda has over 10 years of experience in Emotional Release Trigger Point Massage, which uses a mixture of trigger point release techniques, combined with massage and reiki. This style of session will aid in your transformational journey and help release tension that your body is holding onto.

These sessions can leave you feeling revived, relieved of tension, relaxed and even at peace. They may also lead to thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and tears to crop up during the treatment. Linda will encourage you to listen to what that feeling/emotion is, acknowledge it and then if it feels right for you, to let it go with compassion.

The Emotional Release Trigger Point Massage is designed to complement our Face Reading Consultations and Psychosomatic Therapy Consultations. Standalone sessions are available, but you will be required to complete information about your history, historical and current pain and prior injuries, and to book in for an Initial appointment.  Further appointments, and for existing clients will be at standard prices.

These sessions will be 60-90 minutes for you to confirm at the time of your booking. In some cases, additional therapy sessions or referrals will be recommended.

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