Who We Are

Linda Thackray is the director and founder of The Face and Body Interpreter, previously known as Finding Magic Within.

After discovering Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy herself through a life-changing session many years ago, she knew that this was the missing link in her training. Leaving her corporate job to specialise as a Face and Body interpreter, Linda is now a full-time Educator, Therapist, and Holistic Health Practitioner. With over a decade in this field, she consults, teaches and mentors students internationally and within Australia.

“I started this journey as a crisis counsellor working as a volunteer for the Salvation Army Telephone Care Line. When introduced to Face Reading & Psychosomatic Therapy, I knew it was the next major step in my career, and it quickly became a life-changing passion. As a registered Teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy College since 2012, I am privileged to share the wisdom and teachings of Hermann Muller, Co-Founder of the Psychosomatic Therapy College in Australia.”

What We Do

Through Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy, we work with clients to gain a clear understanding of where they are at in their life’s journey and how they got to be there.  We help discover their style of interaction with others, exploring their gifts, challenges and conflicts, by witnessing patterns that show up in the body through posture, muscle tension or repeated habitual expressions, showing attitudes that can develop into personality traits.  With this awareness we are able to work with the person and provide strategies and tools to assist with their transformation process.  For those clients wanting to make lasting changes but unsure how to do this, we offer further sessions to explore and adopt healthy daily practices.

When many may have lost sight of “what the original problem was”, Linda helps unravel the messages from the body and works with clients to unlock stored emotions and find the core issues waiting to be released from the body. 

Professional Benefits

Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy are incredibly powerful tools for an individual seeking personal growth. They are also a highly valuable skill for professionals in a wide range of industries to implement into their sessions/work, such as health practitioners, therapists, and corporate and industry professionals. Through the skill of Face and Body Reading, they can direct questions to their clients to extract information that they can already see through their face and body, and aid in therapy sessions, negotiations, team building and/or landing deals. Essentially, these skills can assist professionals to enhance their skill sets and develop areas where they are more challenged, and support growth with an empowered approach. This style of engagement takes human interactions to the next level through a better understanding of people and how they communicate.

Our Promise to You

We promise you a better understanding of yourself and others. Learn what makes YOU the person you are today, your strengths, your gifts and the challenges you may wish to work on. Understand your habits, pain, recurring thought patterns and life choices. Some of our greatest gifts are also our greatest challenges, and some of our challenges will become our greatest gifts but first they need to be recognised and mastered.

We will set you on a path to discovering a new version of YOURSELF and to provide you with tools which can be utilised immediately for your own personal use or to assist with you with your clients.