About Face Reading

What is Face Reading

Face Reading is the art of reading the landscape of a person’s facial features to reveal information about their personality and provide a picture of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Face Reading is also known as Mian Xiang in China, Gwansang in Korea and in the West as Physiognomy.

Each feature of your face has a different meaning and provides information about you. The art of reading faces is bringing the themes together in order to gain insight into the conditions and experiences which have shaped your view of the world, how you experience it, and how you interact with others. As you learn to read others, you will become aware of the vast differences in human behaviour and our individual lens which influences how we see.

Face Reading is an invaluable tool to assist in identifying core issues and developing strategies to assist the client in making life changes.

Many people ask if learning to read faces makes you more judgemental. In fact, to be a trained psychosomatic face reader will make you less judgemental as you gain greater insight into human behaviour and characteristics. For a therapist and those skilled to work with clients, Face Reading is a skill that allows you to identify core issues and ask key questions on topics that you can already see impacting on the face you are reading. It also assists the focus of conversation as the face, like a map, has a story to navigate. When working with clients we are often working with unconscious patterns which have developed as coping strategies. These coping strategies as an adult can inhibit the enjoyment of life experiences.

Face Reading is an innate skill that we all have as human beings. As a facial expression is repeated over and over, it can become a permanent feature on your face. Just as the saying goes “be careful the winds will change and you will be left with that scowling face”. The winds refer to the cycle of life, from season to season, and as habitual emotional patterns become entrenched, they also change the facial expressions and your personality.

Why Do I Need It

Face Reading is looking at yourself and others through a different lens. It is understanding who you are, why you act and react and how you are perceived. It is through this awareness that you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and learn to communicate in an effective and meaningful manner.

Face Reading can reveal a lot about a person, such as:

  • Strengths, challenges and conflicts
  • Childhood impacts and influences, and how your history may be negatively impacting your current relationships
  • Habitual emotional expressions which show underlying attitudes and insights into what has shaped your personality
  • How others can perceive you and how you see yourself
  • Limiting beliefs and repeating patterns – others often see our gifts, which we have yet to realise about ourselves

With this awareness you can make changes to enhance and improve the relationships with those around you, and most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself.

There are many different reasons why a person may read a face, and this motivation will also determine how you read a face. For example, in corporate this could be utilised to work out teams who will work well together, or to assist employees with the skills of negotiation and conflict resolution; for therapists to get to the core and underlying issues to assist their clients’ journey towards improved health or wellbeing; in law enforcement, there may be a tendency to look for clues on lies and deceit; in jury selection, it could be to consider which members may be more influenced to your side of the argument; for individuals, this will be useful to assist in areas of your life that aren’t working well, relationship breakdowns, or simply for curiosity.

Linda Thackray teaches this skill to individuals and professionals and works with clients in a variety of ways to identify their natural gifts, challenges and conflicts, and how this may play out in relationships at home and at work.

How Does it Work / What to Expect

A Face Reading session can be a general reading based on the interpretation of your features, or working on specific issues which the client would like some insights into. Sessions can be offered face-to-face or via an online video platform.

The Face Reading session will start with identifying your natural talents, before going into any challenges which may be seen. An example of this may be – “you love people and are a born nurturer, but your desire to help others is creating distress in your own life, and your discomfort of saying NO for concern of hurting others is creating problems for you”.

The second part of the Face Reading session is an analysis of a photograph of your face which will either be taken of you or will be sent in by you in advance of the session. Your right side of your face will be mirror imaged, so as to have two right faces together, and the same with the left. The right side of your face represents your Masculine energy and is associated with how you present yourself to the outside world. Consider this to be your Public Face or Mask. Your left side represents your Feminine energy and your internal world which is the side only those close to you get to see, and for some only a very few people are invited into this space. The differences between these two sides provide information on how you engage in life and provide indicators to ask specific questions for clarification of what is being seen.

This is a great record and starting point as your face is constantly changing and like all things in the body, is seeking balance.

Face Reading uses Face Splits or Face Symmetry to gauge how symmetrical or asymmetrical a face is

A lot can be revealed in a Face Reading session, and you will be given guidance and tools about what to do with this new awareness, this new information about you.

Prepare to be SEEN like never before. Expect to walk away with a new perspective and insights into YOU and those around you.

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