Michael West – USA

NASM-CPT, Performance Enhancement Specialist

My Name is Michael…

I have recently completed Psychosomatic Therapy 10 day ONLINE Intensive.. Who you are is written all over your body and part of the job of a psychosomatic therapist is to read your body, your face, your hands, your feet, and interpret the emotional story that it is telling. Every event of your life causes a psychological response that conditions your personality in preparation for future recurrent events. These responses not only occur in the mind, but in the body as well. In other words, your physical body is the blueprint of your entire emotional past. The gift of a body mind analysis is the opportunity to truly see, maybe for the first time, what your body is revealing about your emotional conditioning. It will help you understand exactly where you are in relation to your self esteem, confidence, creativity, trauma, and power. The body-mind analysis is the opportunity for you to finally see yourself truly for the beauty of all that you are. It is time for you to love your body and come home to your true potential. You can heal yourself, and this is a step-by step process. I encourage anyone who is interested in self-exploration, self-healing, or self-empowerment (as well as anyone who is a teacher or healer) to explore this transformative process.

How has psychosomatics assisted you personally?

Through this process, I have experienced expansion of my confidence through a deep learning of my physical/psychological self. It has been revealed to me that I have unaddressed trauma, and negative belief patterns that have been holding me in a “stuck” position. This compensation has inhibited my personal growth. By addressing these key issues I have experienced a newfound freedom of expression, self-confidence, and determination for life. It feels like healing.

What is Psychosomatics to me?

It’s an opportunity to finally be seen fully, as who you really are. It has been the opportunity to review my past and see how my life experience has shaped my body. Some of these shapes are causing misalignment and physical pain for me. These issues can be addressed emotionally and physical healing can begin. Without this process, I would still be lost in a victim mentality. Psychosomatics has shown me power over these conditions. Psychosomatics is the knowledge of self-healing.