Martine Barclay – Sydney

Psychotherapist & Breathing Coach

I initially attended Lvl1 Face Reading with Linda because I was curious about the facial changes in my clients as they progressed through therapy and coaching. The training was f2f, interactive, practical and helped me remember so much of the content. I use what I learnt with every client I work with. It had been so helpful and complimentary to my work that I attended Level 2 with Linda 18 months later. The training was online and I found it just as interactive, practical and insightful. Linda is a knowledgeable teacher with a supportive and encouraging style that makes integrating the work into my context seamless; clients don’t know I’m using it! The after support that Linda has provided to me has also helped me refine my descriptions of what I am observing. I believe I am a better Psychotherapist and Executive Coach as a result of what I learnt in the courses with Linda. I also have fun with it outside of work sometimes :0