A Unique Face Reading Experience

This style of reading, like all Face Readings is an opportunity to discover more about your personality, emotions and well-being through reading your facial features and habitual facial expressions. Help us understand your specific concerns and needs, an example of this, may be: I don’t like my job as an accountant, and I feel like I should be moving into a different career, can you give me some insights on my strengths.

Prior to commencing this session you will be asked to sign:

  • Consent to read your gifts|challenges|conflicts
  • Confirmation that the face photo sent in, is a photo of you
  • Recordings are for your private use only and won’t be shared to others
  • Confirmation you are older than 18

You will be asked also asked in the intake form, if one of my Face Reading students can be part of your reading. The students are currently studying Psychosomatic Therapy, or working with clients already in their own practices and looking to enhance their practice with face reading as a tool to assist clients. If the student was included, it would mean, that for the price of 1 person, you would have the attention and insights of 2 people.

We will be including predominantly, your gifts. Gifts are the features on your face which show your strengths, such as long flat eyebrows, indicate someone who is analytical, and solution based. Challenges and conflicts will be read if you have ticked this box. Challenges are often seen in the habitual facial expressions but can also be seen in other parts of the face e.g. someone with a small round chin is often sensitive. They can find this part of their personality difficult when they are younger, as they “sensory awareness” is heightened. This is often a challenge until, over time it becomes one of their greatest asset. Conflicts can be quite life changing when read. A conflict will show up as, two parts of your face having two different opposing themes, which usually requires life experiences to be able to master and to enjoy the sides of your personality, which present. As a full reading is not possible without the input of the person being read, this for many will be the start of their psychosomatic journey. When doing a Psychosomatic face reading, we read, through the lens of empowerment, looking at a person’s natural gifts and talents, as this is always the pathway to return “back to balance” when you are out of balance. When a challenge can be “understood” “reframed” or you change your relationship with it, it can change your outlook and perspective. We may provide recommendations for further resources or practice that can support your personal growth.

What to expect

  • Within 72 hours after receiving your photo’s you can expect a pre-recorded video, with your analysis. As this is a summary of your facial features following the analysis, it would normally be 10-15 minutes in duration (the total analysis time is 30 minutes)

For more information on psychosomatic face reading visit About Face Reading and About Psychosomatic Therapy pages.

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