Numerology in the Body looks at your Personality Numbers as well as your Soul Numbers. In the sessions, we will explore how your numbers relate to experiences you have throughout your life. You will uncover the meaning behind challenges that you may have experienced during your lifetime and also how these will change into a skill set when mastered. The challenges correlate to issues within the body, as you navigate the pathways towards growth and change.

Numerology in the Body is an insightful tool for personal growth by providing a holistic perspective about your strengths and challenges. It is particularly insightful for when your body complaints are speaking loudly through pain or discomfort and you are working towards identifying underlying causes and how to integrate new experiences for different outcomes. A gift is not a gift until it is recognised and often the challenge is an unmastered gift.

Prior to this session, you will be asked to provide

  • Your Birth Date
  • Your full name (current and also name at birth)
  • Client Intake Sheet
  • A photo of yourself

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