This is an experience of psychosomatic face reading, and non-verbal communication, which is an introduction to further training and a stand-a-lone experience.  Working with your team members, this is interactive and fun, whilst being able to take away some insights for immediate application.

Whether a lunch time speaking event, or a more private smaller group setting, this promises to provide unique insights into customer service, team development, and communication.

You may prefer to jump straight into a CORPORATE TRAINING which is often a blend of:  group training with confidential individual sessions for your nominated team members.

Take your team and managerial skills to the next level by learning to read non-verbal information, which can be seen in a person’s face and body language. This information will assist you and your team to develop a faster rapport by reading signals which your colleagues or your clients are unconsciously sending. You will be able to implement strategies immediately following the training.

The group training is an introduction to face and body reading and is ideal for up to 12 participants. Incorporating group sessions with individual sessions, you will gain awareness on your:

  • Leadership style
  • Natural communication style
  • Your strengths and challenges
  • How to read information about your clients and colleagues which will help you build rapport and achieve desired outcomes
  • How you deal with conflict and how this may affect your negotiation style
  • How to recognise clients who are being polite but may not wish to purchase from you
  • How people perceive you and how you perceive them

By the end of this training, you will start to see yourself and the people around you in a different light. You will learn to recognise non-verbal communication through a person’s face and body gestures, such as:

  • Are they analytical, creative or think outside the box
  • Are they likely to let you know what they truly think
  • Their communication style
  • Their main focus, whether they need to be part of the decision-making process or work more effectively when being provided the framework of what is required
  • Do they prefer to work autonomously or more effectively in collaboration
  • The level of management they are comfortable with to gain effective results
  • Are they engaged or closed off
  • Holding back what they want to say
  • Have differing opinions without actually saying this in words

The benefits:

  • Team engagement and improved dynamics
  • Client engagement
  • How to effectively manage your team
  • Communication styles for different people
  • Leadership and guidance skills
  • Develop successful sales skills
  • Accelerate your strengths
  • Identify and work through your challenges
  • When to elevate and when to delegate

These popular training sessions are custom-tailored to suit your business and needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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