Create your own group, to experience psychosomatic face reading. In this 2 hour, you will be introduced to the principals of face reading, which can be put into application. Ideal for groups between 4 – 10.

This is more of an experience than a training. Linda works with participants on their natural gifts and talents and by invitation only, discuss challenges which may also shown.

“many GIFTS which show up in the face, are challenges until they are mastered. To understand how these areas of challenge can show up in life as a gift, not only gives hope, but shines a light on a different pathway of experience. As you perspective changes so too do your options” – Linda

Face Reading is the art of reading and analysing a person’s facial features to reveal information about their personality and provide a picture of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. By exploring habitual emotional expressions, we gain insight into the conditions and experiences which have shaped a person’s view of the world.

Register your interest in hosting a 2-hour Mini Face Reading Training for your friends, family or colleagues by sending an enquiry to:

Ideally suited to groups between 4 – 10 and available online or Face to Face (subject to the location)

You may prefer to go directly to our Face Reading Courses Level 1 and Face Reading Course Level 2, click here to read more.

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