Mini-Reading offering

Discover your stand-out features and what they mean for you, with a 15 minute psychosomatic face reading. This introductory face analysis style provides valuable insights into how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you.

In a psychosomatic face reading, our expert practitioner will examine various facial features and use their knowledge of psychosomatic therapy to interpret what these features reveal about your personality, emotions and overall well-being.

This service is available online via zoom. The cost for a 15-minute reading is $50. Please note that this reading not involve analyzing photos or providing written reports.

If you are interested in exploring psychosomatic face reading further, this is an excellent starting point. As a bonus, if you go on to study Face Reading or Psychosomatic Therapy Training us, you will receive a $50 credit back on your original investment to be applied against the training.

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