Identifying Emotions and Unique Outlooks of your Clients

Location: Franklin Street, Nelson, New Zealand
Date: Saturday 2 March 2024
Starts: 9.30am arrival for 10.00am Start
Finish: 3.30pm
Cost: AU$ 255 (NZ$ 275)

Psychosomatic Face and Body Reading is more than an observational skill, it is a journey of exploration into the intricate personality, emotions, and well-being of your client. Linda Thackray invites you to discover how reading the unique facial and body features, can reveal a picture about a person’s life experience, including their natural talents, challenges and conflicts.

Apply Insights to your Practice

As a participant, you will not only discover the art of Psychosomatic Face and Body Reading, but also how its application can be applied in your practice. Linda’s training provides practical tools to integrate this knowledge into individual and couple sessions, making it a valuable session for counsellors and therapists.

About Linda

Linda Thackray is recognised as an expert in the field of Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy. Linda extends her expertise beyond working with clients in a therapeutic setting, she is dedicated to teaching and mentoring professionals worldwide in the health and wellness industry. All of Linda’s events and trainings include a psychosomatic lens relating to empowering clients to rediscover their true selves and gain a fresh perspective on their lives. Linda is a regular speaker and consultant at Elysia Wellness Retreat in the Hunter Valley, she works with business teams and is an active teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy College in Australia.

Booking queries contact:

Henry: +64 22 360 0293

Linda: +61 400 929 020