One-on-one Mentoring Sessions with Linda Thackray are the perfect accompaniment for students/therapists looking to develop and hone their skills. During the first session, Linda will work with you to identify your needs and expectations and will develop a tailored plan so you can gain maximum benefit from the sessions. To save you time, some work may be required to be completed by you in between sessions.

Mentoring Sessions can include:

  • Review of the fundamentals of Face Reading and Psychosomatics
  • A deeper look into identifying client issues
  • Develop your confidence in reading and working with your clients
  • Developing your Psychosomatic Business
  • Individual client preparation/debriefing sessions

Mentoring sessions are available to Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy students reviewing the Face, Body, Hands, and/or Feet, client behaviours or anything around the application of psychosomatics with your clients.

When working specifically with your clients or case studies, you will complete a comprehensive reading of everything you can see. Linda will guide you with questions to help you fill in the gaps, discuss themes and consider various styles of reading. At the appropriate time in your mentoring programme you will have the opportunity to work with clients in a supervised setting.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to achieve your desired outcome.

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