Your feet ground you as you move through life. They reflect the basic fundamentals of who you are and how you support yourself and feel supported.

Aligning your feet is the first step toward moving through life with more grace, confidence, and ease. Stand firm in who you are, unshakeable in the wisdom that you have everything you need to support yourself and create an extraordinary life.

You will learn:

  • Reconnection with your roots
  • Foot points and their meaning
  • The individual toes and their meaning
  • Chakras in the Feet
  • Imbalances in the tissue or structure
  • Foot pain and the hidden emotional explanation
  • Psychosomatics of movement – standing and walking
  • Conduct and receive a foot analysis, identifying habitual emotional patterns and how you move through life

Basic Training: (10 hours) $ 495
Go on to gain a Certificate in Foot Reading: plus: $ 300 = $ 795

  • Case Studies, reflective learning and additional home study

Additional Integration/Practice Classes: $ 200 (on completing of basic training)

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