Put your newfound skills into practice with these online Integration classes.

Available for both Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy students and subject to the training you have commenced at that point in time.

Integration Classes with Linda Thackray will assist students to develop and practice their psychosomatic face and body reading skills, and:

  • Gain confidence in identifying and interpreting what you are seeing
  • Reading with a specific lens in mind (gifts, challenges, conflicts)
  • Speed reading (seeing themes at a glance)
  • Identify behavioural patterns through words and how attitudes show up in the face and body
  • Practice your skills in a variety of new settings

Integration Classes are run in 5 x class blocks, each class 75-90 minutes in duration. Classes are varied and you will continue to learn new content in each class.

If you are not sure if this is for you, Linda can offer a complimentary session for you to consider if this is for you.

Class topics include:

  • Combinations of features that translate with opposing meanings and how this would be experienced
  • Identifying a person’s skill base, challenges and conflicts
  • Speed reading and client/customer/social interactions
  • Identifying behavioural patterns and how they present in the face
  • Group Profiling
  • Working with a live model and asking questions to discover the information which you are seeing and how this applies to them
  • Reading with a specific focus e.g. identifying only a person’s strengths, gifts or talents.

The lens of your world and how YOU naturally read reflects how you view life and provides insights into your personal experiences. For example you may naturally see everything which can go wrong in a possible situation, so when asked to read a person’s face, your tendency will be to look for all the features which are out of balance and the challenges the person has. When then asked to look through the lens of a person’s natural gifts, you are being asked to consider a different perspective. By developing this new lens, it will also help you work or interact with the person you are reading in a different way.

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