Hands are an extension of our hearts. They create, inspire, motivate and express the very essence of who we are. They tell us so much about how a person deals with life’s issues. In the same way that you gain a first impression when you first see someone’s face, you may notice their sensitivity, kindness or how quick they are to react, the hands also provide information on a person’s personality.

Imagine trying to speak and convey excitement with your hands behind your back. Not only do they convey messages, but they touch, feel, create and build, and are an essential part of body reading, our non-verbal language. We do so many things with our hands, we pick items up, let items go, push away to enforce our boundaries and pull things towards us. Their habitual patterns show our attitudes towards giving and receiving love.

In this training, you will learn the principles of Hand Reading, from a Psychosomatic Therapy perspective (this is quite different from Palmistry or Palm Reading).

What you will learn:

  • Language of the Hands and how this applies to Body Language
  • Handshakes and their meaning
  • Hand Shapes and their meaning
  • The energy centres of your hands (the Chakras)
  • Individual fingers, the digits and their meaning
  • Imbalances and what this means for you

Hand Reading provides another layer of information about a person (and ourselves), which can help you understand another person and how they process information.  Discover the gifts and stories our hands can tell us.

This Hand Reading Course is an introduction to the NAT10821 Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy.

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