Face Reading is the art of reading and analysing a person’s facial features to reveal information about their personality and provide a picture of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. By exploring habitual emotional expressions, we gain insight into the conditions and experiences which have shaped a person’s view of the world.

In this mini training, Linda concentrates on identifying a person’s gifts and strengths so if they are out of balance, feeling anxious, worried, angry or frustrated, that they can reconnect to their more authentic nature. Each person who wishes to participate will receive a reading on at least one feature of their face.

In this 2-hour introduction, Linda explains and demonstrates the type of information which can be revealed when a person takes the time to see you and your unique features, and you will be provided with takeaway tips that can be used immediately.

You will recognise your own features in the conversations with other participants which will enhance your awareness of strengths within yourself, and how to identify these strengths in others.

Register your interest in hosting a 2-hour Mini Face Reading Training for your friends, family or colleagues by sending an enquiry to:


Ideally suited to groups of between 8-20 and the training can be offered Face to Face or online via Zoom.

This training can be followed up with a 1 on 1 individual consultation for those participants who may like a personalised reading.

You may prefer to go directly to our Face Reading Courses Level 1 and Face Reading Course Level 2, click here to read more.

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