Your Body Communicates with you via thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. As we learn to listen to the whispers, we allow ourselves to hear what the body is trying to communicate. When we ignore the whispers, the body will send you a louder message. This workshop is about YOUR BODY, its tensions, and the messages it is sending. You will awaken your body, explore body tensions and their emotional meanings, perform body readings, and experience mindful release techniques.

Workshop Outline

What you will learn:

Session 1 – Your Body’s Communication

In this first session we will utilise various techniques to become aware of your body and how it communicates with you:

  • How do you first recognise when you are stressed?
  • How does this show up in your body?
  • Where does your body hold chronic stress?
  • When physically stressed, what do you notice about your emotional state?
  • How do you return your body to balance?

Experience a safe environment to explore your body tensions and corresponding emotional patterns.

We will be discussing how habitual attitudes show up in your behaviours and tension in the body and how dis-owned emotions have a mind of their own, and by failing to understand these emotions you lose connection with that part of yourself. Change your personal boundaries by building new skills and coping mechanisms.

Session 2 – Body Mapping

Explore the chakras (your body’s energy centers) and their meaning. We will dive deeper into the emotional component of your body’s tensions, injuries and accidents and create a Body Map which you will be able to refer back to.

Session 3 – Release Techniques

You will be invited to consider what emotional patterns are no longer serving you so they can be released from your body.

Tools will be offered to assist in lasting changes to empower and build inner strength.

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