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A unique insight into the “art of communication”, exploring new insights into human behaviour. I am delighted to present a unique blend for Corporate Speaking Events, designed to empower attendees, create awareness, whilst bringing both a serious and light-hearted approach to our interactions.

Our Engaging Speaking Topics

Your Face is Your Road Map:  Unlocking Potential Through Facial Insights

Explore how facial insights empower you to navigate personal strengths and to guide others through challenges, fostering growth. This topic is not just about understanding others; it’s a pathway to personal growth and empowerment.

Silent Signals: Decoding Face and Body Language

Discover the power of non-verbal communication. Unravel the language of your face and body to enrich your connections. This session will change how you interpret silent signals in every interaction.

Unleash Human Potential for Win-Win Success

Explore an ethical approach to gaining a competitive edge by deepening connections and rapport.  Learn how understanding human behaviour with empathy creates mutually beneficial scenarios in the workplace.

Read the Room: Navigating Dynamics with Facial Intelligence

Learn to decipher unspoken cues and leverage facial intelligence for navigating social dynamics.  Enhance your ability to “read the room”, fostering meaningful connections and effective communication strategies.

Confidence Unleashed: Mastering Stress, Conquering Worry

Embark on a journey to boost your confidence and conquer the challenges of stress, worry and anxiety.  Discover transformative practices to enhance your self-assurance and cultivate a resilient mindset, equipping you to face life’s demands with calmness and confidence.

Why Choose Our Speaking Events?

With years of experience and a track record of success, our speaking events provide not just information, inspiration but transformation. We combine practical knowledge with engaging delivery to ensure each participant leaves with valuable insights and skills.

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Linda was a guest speaker for our top sales leaders and after personally having a face reading, I was excited for our leaders to learn another skill to add to their toolbox. Engaging and informative, the session demonstrated how we can prejudge and what to look for when communicating with others. Truly fascinating, entertaining and useful.

Melissa Seitz – Australia Vice President and General Manager APAC - Rodan + Fields

Linda Thackray has given many inspiring seminars and private face reading consultations for guests of Golden Door Wellness Retreat & Spa. The feedback from guests attending her sessions has always been outstanding, offering praise for Linda’s compassionate and insightful delivery of information around awareness and connection through reading people’s faces and body language. Linda promotes emotional wellbeing, self-empowerment and holistic wellness which complements The Golden Door philosophy beautifully. I am delighted to recommend Linda as a speaker and therapist.