What is the difference between the standalone Face Reading Course and the Face Reading component offered in the Psychosomatic Training Course?

The difference in these classes relates to the delivery style. In the shorter Face Reading Course you are learning the skill of how to Read Faces as a group. This includes how to identify gifts, challenges and conflicts which you and others may experience. Many take this class as they are considering doing the Psychosomatic Therapy Training but not ready to jump into the more intense training.

In the Psychosomatic Training Course, you will be matched with someone for the Face Reading day. As you learn how to read the individual facial features of that person, you will need to engage that person by asking them questions relating to their personality and history. At the end of that day you will write up a report about them, based on what their face reveals about their personality and style of engagement with others.

The two experiences are quite different but the learning outcome is the same – to consciously read a face through the lens of kindness and compassion.