Psychosomatic Training 10 Day Online Intensive

Australia: February 15-16, March 22-23, April 19-20, May 17-18, June 7-8, 2025
USA: February 14-15, March 21-22, April 18-19, May 16-17, June 6-7, 2025

What You Will Receive

Resources for personal and professional use:

  • Face reading analysis skills
  • The Psychosomatic Therapy Process text book (not available anywhere else)
  • Access to exclusive private Facebook group INTAPT
  • Direct 1 on 1 teaching & feedback by 2 experts in the field of Psychosomatics
  • Framework and Process for professional use
  • 6 month online monthly coaching/mentoring group program (an additional 6 months for those who go on to complete the full certificate program)

Experience the Benefits


  • As you learn to systematically translate the subtle energetics of your unique body mind, you are invited into a deeper, more intimate, and compassionate relationship with your True Self
  • Within your own body, discover untapped resources, intrinsic self-healing mechanisms, and the innate wisdom of your Being
  • The Psychosomatic Process equips you with clear vision and effective tools to embody the change you wish to see in the world
  • Develop confidence to overcome personal fears
  • Learn the techniques that generate self-awareness, self-responsibility and accountability
  • Change your relationship with habitual emotions
  • See people for who they truly are and their boundaries
  • Enable yourself to have compassion for others instead of taking things personally


  • As you transform yourself through the Psychosomatic Process, you simultaneously practice therapeutic applications to empower your clients toward new levels of healing and change
  • Become the expert in your field through advanced communication & analysis skills
  • Learn to integrate intuition with innovative systems designed to decode the messages of the body mind
  • Support your clients, family, and community in their conscious evolution toward holistic health
  • Achieve greater results and receive word of mouth referrals through genuine connection with clients
  • Identify core issues quickly through reading the habitual patterns and responses in the body
  • Acquire tools and resources to immediately utilize with your clients

What You Learn

Module 1


Psychosomatics, the New Paradigm of Thinking

Module 1 is an introduction to the Psychosomatic Process. On this day, you will discover the intricate nature of the body mind connection and begin your immersion into your personal Psychosomatic journey.

You will learn:

  • Universal energetics of the body mind
  • The evolution of psychosomatics
  • Masculine & feminine dynamics
  • Practical application skills – assessment and diagnostic tools
  • Interrelated nature of your body’s energetic system
Module 2


Face Reading & Analysis – The Portrait of Your Life

Understand how the structure of your face reveals your inner architecture. Each unique curve, line, and contour paint the portrait of who you are, the life you’ve lived, and the potential of who you can become.

In relationships with others, face reading is an invaluable skill. At a glance, understand how a person thinks, expresses themselves, and navigates through life.

You will learn:

  • Face shapes
  • Facial features
  • Chakra system of the face
  • Understand the masculine & feminine qualities and attitudes
  • Receive your first ‘Face Split’ photograph, which reveals the balance of feminine and masculine energies working through your life
  • Conduct and receive a full Psychosomatic Face Analysis
Module 3


Theory Behind Body Mind Analysis – The Blueprint of the Soul

(Plus 2 Face to Face Days of practical application)

We now move to exploring the entire body. Here, you learn to systematically assess the quality, shape, and structure of the body’s individual parts and how they relate to a person’s Emotional Anatomy.

This embodied wisdom of the Body Mind Analysis empowers you to transform the pieces of yourself that ache for expression, attention, and more love.

You will learn:

  • How emotions get stored in the body
  • How to identify what emotions are stored in the body
  • Identify fight, flight, freeze and faun responses
  • Understand how the size, texture, tone, density, temperature, and tissue quality of individual body parts provide information on your history and how you and others have related to life experiences
  • Interpreting themes you see in the body
  • Conduct and receive a Body Mind Analysis
Module 4


Soul Connection of the Feet

Your feet ground you as you move through life. They reflect the basic fundamentals of who you are and how you support yourself. The strength and structure of your foundation determines your standing in the world.

Aligning your feet is the first step toward moving through life with more grace, confidence, and ease. Stand firm in who you are, unshakeable in the wisdom that you have everything you need to support yourself and create an extraordinary life.

You will learn:

  • Reconnection with your roots
  • Foot points and their meaning
  • The individual toes and their meaning
  • Psychosomatics of movement – standing and walking
  • Chakras in the Feet
  • Imbalances in the tissue or structure
  • Conduct and receive a foot analysis
Module 5


Language of the Hands

The hands are an extension of your heart.

Our hands equip us with the means to caress and embrace the ones we love. With our hands, we create beautiful art and music. We prepare and serve food to nourish our families. We express passion, anger, excitement, and boundaries. With our hands we receive, we push away, we pick up, we let go. Our hands represent our capacity to give and receive love.

In this module, you will experience an intimate exploration of the Language of your Hands.

You will learn:

  • Psychosomatic gestures….handshakes, hand language and hugs
  • Hand shapes and their meaning
  • The individual fingers, the digits and their meaning
  • Your priorities of expression
  • Chakras in the hands
  • Imbalances in the tissue or structure
  • Conduct and receive a hand analysis
Module 6

Embodiment of your History

Consultation and Client History

You will learn:

  • How to take a detailed client history
  • Extract information which provides insights into the behaviours and attitudes which have shaped your client’s perceptions and influenced their physical form
  • Bring unconscious patterns to the conscious mind
Module 7


Numerology in the Body

As you become aware of the challenges which present in the body, you cannot escape the fact the changes will also show up in your personal numerology.

Numerology is a tool which can be utilised with clients, so they can understand their soul’s blueprint and the desire to experience lessons in life where they can grow.

You will learn:

  • How to calculate your client’s Personality and Soul Numbers
  • The gifts and challenges of the numbers
  • How to relate the numbers to your client’s body
Module 8


Emotional Anatomy & Archetypes

Emotional Anatomy equips you with the universal language of the body. Your body is the vessel of your pure energetic consciousness. As such, it is the most accurate indicator of a person’s energetic flow and spiritual alignment. In BodyMind Analysis you have experienced how your own energetic and physical form demonstrates deeply embedded attitudes and behavioral patterning developed throughout your life. This will assist you in identifying themes that your client may present with, whether it be issues with boundaries, sense of responsibility or sense of despair.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and recognise how people with similar body shapes can carry similar response patterns
  • How to identify patterns of each archetype
  • Recognize patterns through your client’s language, the hidden survival archetypes
  • Identify what your client’s body requires to make lasting changes
  • Identify your personal archetypes and how this is serving you
Module 9


The Emotional Component to Psychosomatic Dis-Eases

In Psychosomatics we ask you to consider the emotional component of physical conditions, ailments and dis-ease in your body. What is your body communicating with you, and what are you not listening to. You will gain a new perspective of the energetics of pain, mental and emotional imbalances, chronic disorders, and degenerative diseases in the BodyMind.

You will learn:

  • How to ask your client questions relating directly to the suppressed emotions which are common to specific conditions
  • Body systems and their function and role within the body
  • Client’s case histories and body maps identifying regions of the body affected by the presenting condition.
  • Develop communication skills for bodymind practitioners


What’s next in your Psychosomatic Journey

We will provide you with information on WHAT’S NEXT in your psychosomatic journey, should you decide to continue learning. Through the completion of case studies, reflective learning, additional requirements and processes

You can attain:

  • Certificate of Face Reading
  • Certificate of Hand Reading
  • Certificate of Foot Reading or
  • Level 2 – Psychosomatic Therapy FACE to FACE training (7 days)
  • Pathway to the full Psychosomatic Therapy Training Certificate

Course Delivery

Australia: February 15-16, March 22-23, April 19-20, May 17-18, June 7-8, 2025
USA: February 14-15, March 21-22, April 18-19, May 16-17, June 6-7, 2025

6-1/2 hour per day x (2 days per month x 5 months)


AU$4,200 training days only $5,900 with Certification Process

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Your Facilitators

Linda Thackray

Linda Thackray

(Sydney - Australia)

A natural born teacher, Linda Thackray is the director and founder of The Face and Body Interpreter, previously known as Finding Magic Within.

After discovering Face Reading and Psychosomatics herself through a life changing session many years ago, she knew that this was the missing link in her training. Having left her Corporate job to specialise as a Face and Body Reader, Linda is now a full time Educator, Therapist, and Holistic Health Practitioner. With over a decade in this field, she consults, teaches and mentors students internationally and within Australia.

“I started this journey as a crisis counsellor working as a volunteer for the Salvation Army Telephone Care Line. When introduced to Face Reading & Psychosomatic Therapy, I knew it was the next major step, and it quickly became a life changing passion which saw me progress to a practitioner before becoming a registered Teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy College in 2012”

Christy Foster

Christy Foster

(Salt Lake City, Utah)

Christy Foster is a CranioSacral therapist and a pioneering educator, speaker, and mentor in the field of BodyMind Integration. She specializes in teaching Health and Wellness practitioners on how to interpret the subconscious language of the body.

Christy is the first certified teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy Process in the United States by the Psychosomatic Therapy College, Australia. Her proven system is derived from her 25 years of practical application and education in advanced therapeutic techniques, including CranioSacral Therapy, Emotional Release Trigger Point Therapy, Spinal Touch Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapy, and Energetic-balancing Techniques.

As a teacher, Christy guides practitioners to deeply understand and implement the techniques of BodyMind Integration. Her students learn to systematically decode the two-way communication of the BodyMind. With this integral understanding of how the BodyMind profoundly impacts the physical, mental, and emotional health of every human being, practitioners become healers.

Christy’s mission is to empower and create self-awareness for her students and clients. The education she provides serves as a supplement to the expertise of a broad range of Health and Wellness practitioners, therapists, and individuals — empowering them to enhance their practices and lives to facilitate more comprehensive and effective therapy.

Sean Jago

Sean Jago

(Victoria - Australia)

Sean Jago is Director of Your Body and You Psychosomatics, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Psychosomatic Teacher. Sean embarked on his remarkable journey within the Wholistic Health Industry in 2000. It led Sean through an incredibly deep journey of self discovery that weaved a path into many diverse styles of massage. This led to an organic emotional development and encouragement, followed by many years of Postural Intergation Therapy and then into Psychosomatic Therapy.

“As a teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy since 2007 I have read 1000’s of Faces and have taught 100’s of students. Psychosomatics enabled me to realize and connect with our phenomenal experience of being human. I have grown a deep appreciation of the journey of the unique soul that resides within each of us. It’s just like revealing a precious gift that has been there all along yet went into hiding due to the misconceptions of life. My teaching has taken me into many cultures which has enhanced my understanding of humanity and how the soul has no race or creed. The Body / Mind shares the truth and protects the soul.”